enter new markets

Reach new markets and discover new sales opportunities
with strong partner in pharmacy sales field.


Sales support in pharmacies - Experienced team of sales
representatives visiting more than 3000 pharmacies​​.


Complete marketing services - Preparation of promotional
materials, graphics, telemarketing, online marketing.


Registrations - We handle all necessary registrations
of your product, when entering new market.

About Us

MediElite provides promotion and support to brands and their products on Czech and Slovakian pharmacy market. Our services include registrations, sales support in more than 3000 pharmacies, marketing services and graphics, telemarketing and all other support you need for successful growth of your sales in this field.

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Medielite provides wide range of services essential for successful entry to Czech and Slovakian pharmacy business.



Sales support in pharmacies, experienced team of sales representatives visiting more than 3000 pharmacies​​.



Marketing services, preparation of promotional materials, graphics, telemarketing, online marketing.


Customer service

Telephone support for your customers in our territory.




Medielite also provides logistics and distribution.




We will take care of all necessary registrations of your product.




As a part of our services, we provide professional warehousing.


our partners



Pioneered more than 30 years ago, TheraBand Professional Resistance Bands are the original products in the industry and the original system of progressive resistance. Today, including tubing, band loops, latex-free options and other configurations, they comprise the leading line of progressive elastic resistance products. They have also been joined by exercise balls, stability trainers, FlexBars, range of motion products, self massage products, hand therapy products, aquatic exercise tools and a host of other solutions that round out the System of Progressive Exercise. The entire portfolio of products carries the same commitment to professional quality, effectiveness and durability.

Biofreeze gel a sprej


Biofreeze is extremely effective product against pain in muscles, joints and back, which is, due to absence of analgesics, gentle to your body. Thanks to its unique composition, with natural menthol as its main component, Biofreeze achieves really impressive results. It is also very effective for arthritis or arthrosis.

  • analgesics free
  • based on natural menthol
  • effect lasting up to 3 hours

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Our team consists of experienced professionals, who are fully dedicated to your brand.

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